Energy Infrastructure

Global mega trends have a bearing even on modern energy infrastructure. Handling the shortage of resources, cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions, and improving the energy balance are central issues in this day and age, and are at once an opportunity and a challenge.

AGON GROUP is already engaged in the area of regenerative energies. As a construction group and infrastructure supplier we offer a wide variety of services, from production through distribution to the efficient use of energy. We excel with our technical know-how and many years of experience in complex infrastructure projects In order to ensure a successful energy turnaround, the energy generated must get to the consumer and, where necessary, kept in interim storage facilities.

We have many years of know-how in tunnel and power plant construction, ideal for the realization of power tunnels. At international level, our diversification into the market for renewable energies is equally progressing well, also has many years of experience in energy infrastructure and plant construction..

This includes public-private partnerships as well as property development from design/planning and financing through marketing either as a complete package or in the form of individual services. In Germany and a number of other countries, AGON GROUP experts develop state-of-the-art commercial properties. Creating a future-oriented building frequently requires substantial investment.We handles all project-related financial services. Our specialists develop and optimize financing structures and coordinate these with international banking partners and investors. AGON GROUP's finance service also advises and supports the Group's subsidiaries and associated companies worldwide in connection with transaction negotiations–from initial planning to closure. High marketing rates before construction commencement provide a solid foundation for successful project development...


Traditional Construction

Thanks to our global network we are present in all the key markets of the world with innovative solutions and the very best people.

Construction means on-the-spot creation–anywhere in the world, under a whole range of often changing conditions. For a limited period, of days, weeks or months, a building site is equivalent to a medium-sized enterprise with an output valued in millions of euros, engaged not in mass manufacture but in the production of a single, unique structure.
So this is a business that demands not just outstanding engineering skills but also the capacity to handle the complex logistics of non-stationary production and manage the risks involved in a constantly evolving organization. Essential–and established–prerequisites for this are virtual structures and networked communications, of the kind that other industries are still aiming for.. 

Construction Planning

Before construction commences, AGON GROUP offers its clients a complete service package. This can include, for instance, all design and planning work from obtaining the necessary official approvals through the preparation of a detailed concept for the building site logistics.


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What we are

"AGON GROUP builds the world of tomorrow" - that is the demand we place on our company and our company every day. AGON GROUP Vision describes what we want to achieve together. All employees, but also our partners, customers and shareholders, should be guided by this. To make this vision come true is our long-term goal. The corporate principles serve as a guide. They show the values ​​at AGON GROUP - in our daily work, both internally and externally. The principles reflect the common beliefs of our corporate culture and help us to act more success-oriented. Our corporate principles are: Integrity, Reliability, Innovation, Results Orientation and Sustainability. These five pillars - all firmly anchored in principle of security - are based on our success, on which we can build. We have to implement the principles consistently and live in our daily lives in order to be successful together in the long term. This applies to the management as well as to every AGON GROUP employee. Everyone should be able to rely on the principles, but must also be measured against them. The vision and the principles of AGON GROUP are an important part of our corporate culture. Please contribute to filling them every day.

Our Visio
"AGON GROUP is building the world of future": That is the claim we make on ourselves and our company every day. Our vision describes what we aim to achieve together:

Our Guiding and Principles
"Our Guiding Principles serve as signposts. They show what values inspire how we act at AGON GROUP – in our daily work, internally and externally. The Principles express shared convictions in our corporate culture and support our focus on achievement. We believe in excellence and set ourselves high standards. Our five key Principles play a fundamental role in achieving this excellence: Combining our strengths means a difference for AGON GROUP."

Network and growth: Added value within the Group
"Network and added value are the key factors for our lasting business success. Based on our core competencies develop, build and operate, we deliver integrated services for infrastructure projects, real estate and facilities. We can optimally combine the know-how and services of our various operational units and offer our clients customized solutions. Offering everything from a single source requires intense cooperation among our divisions. No company in the construction industry is poised more internationally here than AGON GROUP. This enables us to offer our services worldwide–and to compensate for economic fluctuation in individual regions. At the same time, the close cooperation among our operational units means realizing efficient value growth by jointly executing projects. We concentrate on promising growth markets and expand in high-growth regions. We bring to bear our knowledge of demanding and complex processes systematically in new business segments."

Why Choose Us?

In our international target markets, we will achieve a position of market and technology leadership by employing our project management and engineering expertise in the fields of construction, engineering, Our thinking and acting are value-based: We stand for integrity, accountability, innovation, sustainability, and delivery. With our experience, technical excellence, and innovative solutions we realize projects that convince our customers and are beneficial to society. We use existing resources efficiently. The knowledge, dedication, and commitment of our employees are the basis for our success. We provide them with safe, challenging and fulfilling jobs. Together we generate sustainable earnings and create value for our shareholders.".

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